Pizza Monday’s Last Day Is January 21st!

In General Updates by meadowlarkdayton

We will bid Pizza Monday a fond goodbye after Monday, January 21. We have all but secured a location for our new restaurant, which will be called Wheat Penny Oven and Bar. Watch for more details in the coming months!
Thank you for your support and enthusiastic pizza-eating during the incubation of our idea to open a pizza-centric restaurant in Dayton. Since April 2, Mondays have become our favorite night of the week as we happily slung pizzas and salads, appetizers and vegetables, most of which emerged from our jury-rigged convection oven in the Meadowlark kitchen. Never have so many eaten so much olive oil on ice cream!
After January 21, Monday nights will again be dark at Meadowlark, perhaps until our intrepid band of culinarians seize upon another idea that compels their pursuit….