Passover Specials 2019 | April 19 – April 27

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Charred Broccoli with Baba Ghanoush, Quinoa and homemade Labneh  |  10.95
The sweetness of broccoli is accentuated with a little char on it, and here a bunch of high heat-roasted florets are tossed in a preserved lemon vinaigrette with quinoa and roasted tomato quarters, piled on a plate spread with the seasoned eggplant puree known as baba ghanoush, and topped with labneh, a house-made yogurt drained overnight until it is as thick as cheese. The flavors and textures are heaven together, hitting all the right notes for a dynamic vegetable-centric appetizer.

Gratineed Smoked Trout Brandade  |  11.95
We use house-smoked trout instead of salt cod to make this variation on a traditional French brandade, blending tender, flavorful house-smoked trout with silky mashed potato, garlic and olive oil. Spooned it into a gratin dish and run under the broiler with a sprinkling of Parmesan, it’s a hot, smoky little dish of fall goodness, served with matzoh and a celery and herb salad.

Hummus with Pea Pods, Asparagus and Lemon Oil |  8.95
A hummus for springtime, piled with raw, thinly sliced pea pods and asparagus, drizzled with lemon oil, sprinkled with pumpkin seeds and served with carrot sticks and matzoh. 8.95


Main Courses

Everything-Crusted Salmon with Tzaziki Sauce  |  28.00
We took the “everything” garlic, seeds and salt you customarily find on a bagel and dredged a thick salmon filet in it, with delicious results. Give the top a crusty sear and cloak the fish in classic Mediterranean cucumber-yogurt sauce and you’ve got what a salmon lover wants for dinner. Served with crispy Yukon potatoes and sauteed broccolini.

Chicken Cooked Under a Brick with Za’atar and Lemon  |  28.00
All-natural boneless chicken thighs are seasoned liberally with za’atar, a Mediterranean seasoning of dried green herbs, sesame seeds and salt. Cooked with a little olive oil under a brick on the griddle, the skin crisps and the seasoning blooms, and the chicken finishes juicy and flavorful. Served on a skillet full of rice fried with chickpeas, spinach and broccolini, the whole is seasoned with a little preserved lemon vinaigrette.

Red Wine and Onion-Braised Beef Brisket with Horseradish Gremolata  |  30.00
Beef brisket roasted slowly in wine and stock with onions that take on flavor and melt into the juices is the kind of supper that warms you from the inside out. Minced fresh horseradish, lemon zest and parsley is a delicious variation on traditional gremolata, sprinkled on at plating, brightening up the long-cooked meat with a jolt of freshness. Crispy Yukon potatoes, sautéed roasted carrots and asparagus and plenty of the to-die-for juices accompany.



Chocolate Coconut Meringue Cake  |  6.95
Our signature favorite this time of year, thin layers of meringue packed with organic coconut are stacked and covered in bittersweet French chocolate ganache for the grown-up Mounds bar of your dreams.

Almond and Walnut Cake with Apples  |  6.95
A gluten-, dairy-, and leaven-free Sephardic cake in the same spirit as nut-based pastries doused in scented syrup, like baklava. Here we opt for a ginger and citrus-spiked syrup vs. rose water, as well as adding grated apple to the batter. The result is moist, not too sweet, and enhanced by a swath of dairy-free nut caramel when plated. We are serving it with a little whipped cream, but if you are not doing dairy, this delicious cake really doesn’t need it.