Meadowlark Contemporary Cocktail Techniques

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Tuesday, October 16 at Cooks’ Wares in the Marketplace at Settlers’ Walk
Join Meadowlark Mixologists Dustin Wade and Shawn Jones as they create fresh, fizzy and delicious accompaniments to premium spirits that will make you a wizard of refreshment! Alcohol is optional with these beverages, which are as good as or better than anything you can buy off a shelf. Learn how hand-squeezed juices, muddling, and fresh vegetables and herbs contribute EVERYTHING to your favorite drink.
Along with Chef Wiley’s choice of food for the evening, taste Meadowlark’s homemade bitters, fruit vinegars, and house made syrups from black pepper to blueberry, all part of an evening’s focus on mocktails, cocktails and how to create them.
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