Happenings: Fall 2015

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6th Annual Whoo Cooks For You? Dinner
Once again some of the best chefs around Dayton will collaborate on a multi-course dinner and cook it together outside in Glen Helen to benefit the Glen’s famed Raptor Center. What a night it is! We are privileged to present the main course this year. The emphasis is on local food at the Whoo Dinner, and the wine and the conversation will flow, the wallets will open, and the hawks, eagles and owls will be admired and honored. Look forward to seeing you there!
Meadowlark inaugural on-premises Cooking Class
We recently held a cooking class in the Meadowlark kitchen, where members of the Jewish Community Center donned aprons and took over the line, fired up the professional equipment and cooked themselves a dinner to remember! Local, in-season produce was showcased as the citizen-chefs whipped up buttermilk and beet borscht, fried green tomato caprese, grilled whole sides of salmon, fresh corn cakes and other delectable sides, and dessert. They learned how to make homemade mozzarella and ricotta, worked the griddle and the deep-fryer like seasoned professionals, and blew our minds with their execution of dessert—-freshly-baked profiteroles filled with homemade peach ice cream and caramel sauce. We then all sat down to a beautifully set table in the darkened dining room and devoured the subject matter, lifting our glasses in a champagne toast. A BLAST was had by all, including the Meadowlark chefs! Thanks for participating, wonderful students!
Cherries and Peaches and Plums, Oh My!
It was a little slow to get going due to a mild, rainy summer, but produce is full throttle now! Please stop in and see what fruits and vegetables are getting top billing on the menu, including tomato and peach caprese, panna cotta with honey-glazed plums, panzanella salad at lunch, and tomatoes in or on everything from brunch to dinner. Green Beans, Potatoes and Squash, Oh My!