I have always said that the food at Meadowlark is much more domestic or home-style rather than “cheffy”-style. It’s what you might cook at home, not what you might train to do in culinary school. I am self-trained, in the sense that I did not go to school, but I have learned so much from so many people. Some I have worked side-by-side with, some I am a student of through their writings or their restaurants, though we may have never met.

As a group of cooks here at Meadowlark, we are made up of all the places we’ve worked, all the books we’ve poured over, all the recipes we have written and tried, made again, practiced, perfected, put on the menu and then kept evolving over the years.

The food at The Meadowlark isn’t breaking any new ground. It just tastes really good. That is what we’re going for. The difference between pretty okay food and really really good food is caring. Caring that it’s crispy. Caring that there is enough salt, enough acid. Caring that it’s got good juices around it, mingling with good olive oil and flecks of freshly ground pepper. Juices to run a bite through! Be generous! Don’t skimp! Give a good amount, of butter on the toast, of pan juices for that plate of roast chicken thighs, of whipped cream on the pecan pie. Please your wonderful customers. Make ‘em swoon over your side dishes. Make ‘em write you an email about your homemade hot sauce. Make them clap their hands together when you offer to give them the recipe for Hoppin’ John. Blow them AWAY. Because it’s fun to cook food and see people enjoying it! And you can make a whole wonderful life out of doing that.

- Elizabeth Wiley, Owner-Chef