About Meadowlark Restaurant

Meadowlark is a chef-owned and operated neighborhood restaurant in the heart of Dayton, Ohio. Our menus feature high-quality ingredients cooked simply but imaginatively with lively, bright-tasting flavors. Our cooking is geared toward the American palate, which means fluffy, buttermilk mashed potatoes, homemade pickles and cornbread, great pancakes at brunch and yes, there will always be a burger on the menu. We also feature meat, fish and vegetarian dishes that employ the flavors and techniques from around the world that we have all come to love. This is contemporary everyday cooking, from scratch, made and served with local pride.

The Bar at Meadowlark

Meadowlark has a bar program featuring an impressive variety of spirits, freshly squeezed vegetable and fruit juices, lots of fresh herbs, housemade syrups from ginger to hibiscus to black pepper, and our awesome homemade bitters. Our craft beer and small producer wine lists change with the seasons. With everything that’s happening in the world of libations, it’s easy to be passionate about what we offer at the bar. Good snacks, great cocktails and our skilled and lovely bartenders make Meadowlark a good place to meet for a drink.


Private Dining

Meadowlark has two private dining areas, each accommodating up to 25. Arrangements can run from ordering straight off the menu to family-style appetizers and a customized menu to a 6-10 course small plates menu tailored to your taste buds. Please call us to discuss your special event and how we can help make it a wonderful experience for you and your guests.

Special Orders

Having a party at home? Need some appetizers, a fabulous main course, or a dessert to round out what you’re preparing? We can cook, package and have delicious components of your meal ready for pick-up. Orders should be placed at least a week ahead. Call to discuss!

Special Dietary Needs

Call several days ahead to plan the preparation of a delicious meal to accommodate particular dietary needs for an upcoming visit to the restaurant. Then you can relax and enjoy yourself and your guests, knowing we are informed and understand exactly what is needed.